APW Wyott


Champion Cookline

• One of the highest BTU ratings in its class delivers more power to the pan
• Reduces amount of labor time to cook a ¼ pound hamburger up to 20%
• Fast start-up and recovery to prime cooking temperatures
• Versatile grate system can be adjusted in height to give maximum control
• Front panel openings enable easy pilot lighting without panel removal
• Infinite adjustable gas valves turn 180 degrees to produce the perfect amount of
heat for all menu needs
• Field convertible and adjustable gas regulator
• Double walled firebox protects control panel from higher temperatures
• Bull-nose front extension protects employees from burns
• Maintenance is safer and easier with bottom-mount grease collection pan and
removable top grates

Donper America


Donper BH7480

Get into the Soft Serve Business!   
The BH7480 is the ideal machine for self-serve, frozen yogurt concepts. Through its eco-friendly and user-friendly design,
the BH7480 simplifies the life of the machine operator. From start up to clean up, this machine runs smooth throughout
the day, offering patrons a creamy and consistent product with every serving.

Visit   http://www.donperamerica.com



Bring the fans outdoors this football season with emuamericas!

With different styles and materials, we offer an array of furniture to fit
all climate types.  With hundreds of items in stock, have your new patio ready before the next home game! 




Roast-n-hold CO-151-FUA-12D

• Fully insulated Roast-N-Hold gentle convection oven designed for flavorful results by slow roasting.
• Slow convected air system promotes natural browning for flavor and seals in natural juices. Slow roasting means
15% to 20% less shrinkage.
• Full 8000 Watts of power allows for reheating of prepared meals or bulk items. Maximum temperature 350˚F.
• Standard solid state electronic control with large, clean, easy-to-read and operate LED digital display to ensure
holding at precise food temperatures.
• 18 factory or field programmed roast & hold cycles. Each programmed menu can be customized for exact time and
temperature needs.
• Standard with probe cooking, includes one 6” food temperature probe.
• Non-venting oven, permitted by most local codes, provides easy, inexpensive installation.
• Stainless steel construction throughout for ease of cleaning.
• Smooth interior coved corners prevent food particle/ grease buildup.
• Field reversible insulated Dutch doors prevent temperature loss. Silicone door gaskets for proper seal.
High temperature ceramic magnetic latches for “easy
open” and security during transport.

For more information go to http://www.crescor.com

Bakers Pride


CCOE-52 CCOE-72 CCOE-102

Bakers Pride Cyclone combination ovens give you the flexibility of using moist heat, dry heat or a combination of both to produce
the optional cooking conditions for a wide variety of foods. Standard features include AISI 304 Stainless Steel Oven Cabinet with
rounded corners for easy cleanup, easy to operate mechanical controls, 2-speed, reversing fan motor for even temperature cooking,
interior lighting for illuminating product, double-glazed, ventilated door and glass assembly for cool exteriors and easy cleaning, and
height-adjusted feet.

Hamilton Beach

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Commercial Blenders

Go online to http://www.hamiltonbeach.com to see the differences between the HBF600, the HBH650, and the HBH550
There is a blender to fit all your needs!

Advance Tabco

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Whether you need custom, industrial or tables and shelves—
        visit http://www.advancetabco.com

Carroll Chair


Java Vino project in La Cross WI

Multipurpose restaurant chairs==Matt black frame finish with maple wood seat and back

Get your imagination started!

Moyer Diebel

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Moyer Diebel Rotary or Undercounter Dish washers

Maximize profit or use for smaller applications—
    Whatever your needs, visit http://www.moyerdiebel.com

Advantages for the Rotary-  DF
•Upper and lower wash and rinse arms ensure complete and proper cleaning action.
•Fresh, cool water sanitizes glasses in the final rinse so they’re ready for immediate use.
•The 3-pump dispensing system injects the right amount of rinse-aid or sanitizer each time

Standard features for the undercounter-  351HT
•ENERGY STAR® Qualified
•Rinse sentry feature - Ensures proper 180°F final rinse temperature
•Counter-balanced, double skin door
•Clog-resistant filtering system
•Stainless steel rinse-arms with removable end caps
•Pumped drain
•Liquid detergent and rinse-aid dispensing pumps

Kool Star


Kool Star walk-ins aren’t based on standard sizes and can be built to any dimension to the nearest 1/2-inch. The only restriction on size is an overall height of not more than 10 ft.

Kool Star panels are foamed-in-place with polyurethane for the greatest cooling efficiency. Panel perimeters are formed of the same polyurethane foam in a higher density.
-Standard panels
are four-inches thick with an optional five-inch thickness available. The standard wall and roof panel finish is 26 gauge stucco galvalume with numerous options
in interior and exterior finishes to match your design scheme or durability requirements. The standard floor finish, when required, is .080 textured aluminum.
The standard Kool Star door size is 34” x 78” with 30” x 78” and 36” x 78” options available. Swing entry doors are a flush-mounted, infitting style constructed of a fiberglass
reinforced heavy-duty synthetic frame, door perimeters and jamb. The door finish matches that of wall panels. The door and door frame section are the same core thickness
and construction as specified for other panels. Glass doors, with optional LED lighting, are available for both low temp and medium temp applications.
-Options & Accessories
Kool Star options include door kickplates, temperature alarms, membrane roof caps for outdoor applications, external and internal ramps, energy saving door strip curtains
and much more.