About the Evolution™ Boilerless Steamer
6-pan capacity, double stacked for 12-pan capacity

• Available connected or connectionless
•No water quality exclusions in warranty
•No water filtration or treatment required
•SVT™ provides convection with no moving parts
•Doubles as a holding cabinet with temperature control
•Reliable, easy to operate digital controls
•Cook times comparable to that of boiler based steamers
•Lowers your operating and maintenance costs
•Power Plate™ provides flexibility between speed & efficiency
•Available in gas or electric
•ENERGY STAR® Qualified



Master-Bilt’s solid construction, ground-breaking designs and broad equipment offering provide
the flexibility to meet practically any refrigeration need.A foodservice industry supplier since 1938,
Master-Bilt’s products include an industry-leading selection found in retail and institutional settings
around the world. With a focus on energy and installation efficiency, we are ready to help customers
meet business challenges now and in the future.



Arctic Air


Presenting true, commercial grade performance in a product line that’s been completely reimagined
from the inside out. Vastly improved power. Longer life. Better recovery times. All wrapped up in a shiny
new stainless design that’s easy on the eye and easy on the budget. Affordability has never been more beautiful.

Howard McCray


Island Case

2 or 3 levels of display plus main deck adjustable shelving. Electronic control system to maintain
balanced temperatures. Choice of laminated exterior front and top. Choice of stainless steel,
black, or white interior. Removeable deck pans for easy access to refrigeration area. LED lighting system.
404A refrigerant. Remote avaiable. Leveling legs. Removeable bottom panels



CookTek Buffet at the Marriott in DC

The best way to do a buffet!



CresCor Hot Cube

•Customize the powder coating with your colors, your logos or both!

Accessories & Options
•20 lb. Propane Tank Hose Adapter •Natural Gas Adapter •Solar Panel •Customized Logos/Powder Coating
•6” Hi-Modulus Casters •Door Window •Extra Heavy Duty Transport Angles •Wire Grids




Modify it your way!



RPI’s Double Bakery SCDB series

A bakery display series with a choice of standard grade plastic laminate exterior ends and with fixed curved front insulated glass.

Available in refrigerated or non-refrigerated!

Moyer Diebel


Rack Conveyor

ENERGY STAR® Qualified•Chemical connections •Built-in diagnostics•Energy Sentinel
•Vent cowls •219 racks per hour •130 gallons per hour/.59 gallons per rack (199 imp. gal. per hour/.55 imp. gal. per rack)
•Anti-jam conveyor system •Single point electrical connection •Single point water connection •2 Hp wash pump
•Exhaust fan control •Vent fan interlock connection •Table limit switch connection •Field conversion possible! Components
can be reversed to change direction of operation in-field (by others) •Convenient top mounted controls
•Drain is a manual ball valve



Precision Brew
• Model PBIC-330 is a single, digitally controlled brewer. It includes (1) VS-1.5S Shuttle® with stand.
• Model PBIC-430 is a twin, digitally controlled brewer. It includes (2) VS-1.5S Shuttles® with stands.
• The VS-1.5S Shuttle® is a 1.5 gallons (5.7L) vacuum insulated, stainless steel container with stand. It is portable and will
maintain freshly brewed coffee hot without additional heat.
• Programmable Pre-Infusion – Allows the operator complete control over the initial soaking of the grounds independently from
Pulse Brewing feature.
• Programmable Energy Saving Feature – Allows the brewer to go into energy conservation mode after three hours of inactivity.
• Improved Operator Feedback – Real-time feedback provides operator with: 1) a brew cycle countdown timer; instant knowledge
of when the spray-over will finish. 2) a scrolling dripping message indicating that the brew basket is draining. 3) a scrolling done
message indicating that the brew cycle is completely done.
• Programmable Drip Time – Allows operator to control the length of time the brew basket will remain locked after the spray
over is completed.
• The following brew variables are programmable through the front display: Water temperature, brew volume, pulse brewing
sequence, bypass percentage, low temp/no brew.
• Precise Brew Temperature – The brewer will hold the brew temperature to +/- 1°F during the complete brew cycle.
• 3 Brew Volumes – From ½ gallon (1.9L) to 1½ gallons (5.7L). Each volume can be set by ‘teach’ mode to eliminate trial-&-error set-up.
• Programming Lockout – The brewer settings can be “locked” to prevent tampering.