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Ocean Master—-Classic, Zero Horizon, Razor (shown above), Crescent, Pagoda, Auto-Scope


EMU   Best Seller Items


emuamericas’ Best Seller items
feature a variety of side chairs, armchairs, barstools and tables in multiple color options. 
Best Sellers are in stock, ready to be shipped within 48 hours. Patio season is approaching quickly,
order Best Sellers today to enhance your outdoor look! 
Best Sellers are identified in our Pictorial Index with a Best Seller Stamp
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Patio season is approaching quickly!

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AdvanceTabco products are every where !

Covo Gyro Market shown above. Visit our photo Gallary at

http://www.advancetabco.com/gallery/?title=Advance Tabco Photos and Video

Carroll Chair


Carroll Chair

Ambiance is key!
Every element that goes into a restaurant directly reflects on the business and its values.  Good food can be found anywhere
so a restaurants success is often found in the ambiance.  A key feature in creating a unique dining experience is seating. 
This functional feature of any restaurant can help support and enforce the feel of the restaurant. Whether you want a traditional feel,
a pub setting, or a more contemporary look Carroll Chair has the chair you have been searching for!




Smoker 767-CH-SK-D

• Fully insulated Cook-N-Hold smoker designed for flavorful results by slow cooking. Slow cooking means 15% to 20%
less shrinkage. More product yield.
• Smokes with real wood chips. Cold smoke fish and cheese as well with Kold Keepers.
• Efficient 3000 Watt power unit allows for reheating of prepared meals or bulk items. Maximum temperature 325°
(163°C). Powerful 250 Watt cal rod heats chips quickly.
• Includes stainless steel vented chip box and variable one hour timer for mild to heavy smoke flavor.
• Standard solid state electronic control with large, clean, easy-to-read and operate LED digital display to ensure
holding at precise food temperatures.
• 18 factory or field programmed cook & hold cycles. Each programmed menu can be customized for exact time and
temperature needs




Breading and Battering Station

Preparing fresh chicken for frying has never been simpler than with the Giles Portable Breading and Batter Table (BBT).
This complete cabinet-style unit features a canted shelf to hold a food tote of marinaded chicken and a batter dip pan with
a spring loaded, hinged basket to dip pieces into the batter mixture and then dump them directly into the large pan of breading
- preparation made quick and easy.


Jasper     UB Klem   and   NES


Jasper chairs   http://www.jasperchair.com

UB Klem table tops   http://www.ubklem.com

NES booths       http://www.newenglandseating.com

Look how nicely these go together !

Donper America


Soft Serve Machine Model BH 7480

The Ideal Self-Serve Machine. The BH7480 is the ideal machine for self-serve, frozen yogurt concepts. With its eco-friendly
and user-friendly design, the BH7480 simplifies the life of the machine operator. From startup to clean up, this machine runs
smoothly throughout the day,offering patrons a creamy and consistent product with every serving.



Summer is almost here!  Start enjoying the out doors while temperatures are still a bit low.