Kool Star


Kool Star walk-ins aren’t based on standard sizes and can be built to any dimension to the nearest 1/2-inch. The only restriction on size is an overall height of not more than 10 ft.

Kool Star panels are foamed-in-place with polyurethane for the greatest cooling efficiency. Panel perimeters are formed of the same polyurethane foam in a higher density.
-Standard panels
are four-inches thick with an optional five-inch thickness available. The standard wall and roof panel finish is 26 gauge stucco galvalume with numerous options
in interior and exterior finishes to match your design scheme or durability requirements. The standard floor finish, when required, is .080 textured aluminum.
The standard Kool Star door size is 34” x 78” with 30” x 78” and 36” x 78” options available. Swing entry doors are a flush-mounted, infitting style constructed of a fiberglass
reinforced heavy-duty synthetic frame, door perimeters and jamb. The door finish matches that of wall panels. The door and door frame section are the same core thickness
and construction as specified for other panels. Glass doors, with optional LED lighting, are available for both low temp and medium temp applications.
-Options & Accessories
Kool Star options include door kickplates, temperature alarms, membrane roof caps for outdoor applications, external and internal ramps, energy saving door strip curtains
and much more.






Sandwich prep

•Stainless steel interior and exterior
•Insulated top lid
•1/6 size pans included (two 1/9 size pans and six 1/6 pans included in MBSP27-8)
•Self-contained generously-sized refrigeration system
•Heavy-duty casters for mobility




Two Connected Evolution™ Boilerless, Convection Steamers
featuring Steam Vector Technology, includes stand with casters, electric, holds (6) 12” x 20” x 2-1/2” deep pans each compartment,
Digital Controls, water and drain connection required, warranty NOT voided by water quality, NO water filtration required, 8kw,
(2) 208/60/3ph, 5’ cord & NEMA L15-30P plug, ENERGY STAR®

Find out more by visiting http://accutemp.net/

GMCW Espresso


Espresso Korinto 1/2
•The Korinto produces café-quality espresso-based beverages using fresh whole bean coffee. It precisely tamps,
pre-infuses, and extracts coffee all without the need for a trained barista.
•The Korinto utilizes one whole bean fresh coffee hopper and two soluble product hoppers to create a
wide variety of specialty beverages including cappuccino, lattes, mochas, and more.
•Automatic coffee and soluble dosing result in a consistent beverage taste profile.
•Produce up to 45 (12 oz.) drinks per hour or 120 espresso shots.
•The simple user interface features large, user-friendly selection buttons and an attractive LCD display.
•The Korinto can be used in self-service mode or easily operated by any store staff member.
No barista training required!
•Attractive and compact design make the Korinto a profitable addition to any existing beverage program or an
easy entry point into the specialty beverage market.






It’s in to be out!

Segno chairs # 263 with the Arc En Ciel table # 334




Visit http://www.rpiindustries.com



Sliding Glass Lids for Island Merchandisers

Closing the Lid on High Energy Costs
Save up to 60% in case energy costs.  Available for upgrades and on original equipment.


CresCor Utility Cabinet


Insulated Extruded Sidewall Utility Cabinet Model: 109-1840

•All purpose cabinet for transport and storage. Load with plastic food boxes filled with product to create your own food file.
•Insulated side and back walls prevent temperature loss.
•Same size top and base extend past sidewalls to act as natural bumpers for protection. Extruded frame fully welded.
•Body constructed of non-corrosive, Hi-Tensile aluminum for strength and ease of mobility.
•Reinforced, full length door swings 270˚ Card clip included.
•Gravity type latch secures door during transport.
•Interlocking extruded sidewalls hold 18” x 26” pans and plastic food boxes on 1-1/2” centers. Easy to clean.
•Interior pan stops on door allow proper air flow.
•Heavy duty 5” swivel casters, two with brakes. Provides mobility when fully loaded




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