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Moyer Diebel


201HT Under Counter High Temp Dishwashing Machine
• Multi-Power allows for infield conversion to 208-240 volt and/or single to three phase
• Soft Start to protect glasses and dishes from chipping and breaking
• Rinse Sentry extends the rinse cycle to ensure 180°F final rinse
• Built-in electric booster for 180°F final rinse (standard 40°F/4°C or optional 70°F/21°C rise)
• Scrub Feature extends wash cycle for heavily soiled wares
• Delime Feature extends cycle up to 20 min for cleaning unit
• Pumped drain permits use of the drain connection up to 6’ of which 3’ can be vertical
• 25 racks per hour* • Advance digital temperature monitoring • Fresh water wash and pumped rinse
• Built-in detergent and rinse-aid pumps • Advance service diagnostics • Upper and lower interchangeable spray arms
• Stainless steel top and side panels • Counter balance door • Wash tank heater • Two 20” x 20” racks, one peg and one flat
• One year parts and labor warranty

LBC Bakery


Rotisserie chicken is considered the highest selling single SKW by many retailers across the country.
Roasted chicken has the aroma of a good home-cooked meal and the wholesomeness of fresh cooking.
LBC rotisseries and associated appliances have the versatility to cook a variety of products and the
performance to keep up with your demand for fresh product.

With production rates of 20 to 35 chickens* per oven, the LCR 5 and LCR 7 Electric Rotisseries are economical profit centers.

Howard McCray


Hot Food Service

Standard Features
Hot Food Case, Individual heated wells, single pane glass front, wet or dry operation,
s/s top, white interior & exterior, removable rear doors, ETL Classified under NSF #4
Black exterior, Stainless steel exterior and interior, drop work shelf

Hamilton Beach


Revolution 3HP 64 oz Bar Ice Shaver and Blender

Grindmaster Cecilware


New This Year at GMCW





Abby Collection
The new Abby Collection features a universal design that will transform any environment. 
Made entirely of aluminum,  the side chair and barstool will work in salt water climates or
bring the collection indoors for a unique look.




Heated cabinets designed to hold hot, prepared food items at safe, proper serving temperatures.
Visit for all your options.

Cooper Atkins


HAACP Manager
Cooper-Atkins newest innovation in thermocouple technology is the HACCP Manager™.

The 37100 is a handheld data-collecting instrument designed to simplify the recording of
product temperatures and monitoring of corrective actions in foodservice environments.
The HACCP Manager includes a state-of-the-art database system designed for reporting,
analyzing and storing temperatures and allows data to be transferred between the
thermocouple instrument and PC.



The CookTek® Incogneeto™ induction buffet warmer is designed to be mounted
directly under stone or engineered stone counter tops.
Like magic, a beautiful piece of stone topped furniture can transform into a buffet warmer,
capable of holding food accurately to within +/-2°F (+/-1.2°C).
The unit mounts in a square ring (supplied) underneath the counter. The ring is screwed
into plywood, or narrow plywood strips, which are glued onto the stone, or stone’s backing.
No drilling or cutting of the stone is required.