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Moyer Diebel


Rack Conveyor

ENERGY STAR® Qualified•Chemical connections •Built-in diagnostics•Energy Sentinel
•Vent cowls •219 racks per hour •130 gallons per hour/.59 gallons per rack (199 imp. gal. per hour/.55 imp. gal. per rack)
•Anti-jam conveyor system •Single point electrical connection •Single point water connection •2 Hp wash pump
•Exhaust fan control •Vent fan interlock connection •Table limit switch connection •Field conversion possible! Components
can be reversed to change direction of operation in-field (by others) •Convenient top mounted controls
•Drain is a manual ball valve



Precision Brew
• Model PBIC-330 is a single, digitally controlled brewer. It includes (1) VS-1.5S Shuttle® with stand.
• Model PBIC-430 is a twin, digitally controlled brewer. It includes (2) VS-1.5S Shuttles® with stands.
• The VS-1.5S Shuttle® is a 1.5 gallons (5.7L) vacuum insulated, stainless steel container with stand. It is portable and will
maintain freshly brewed coffee hot without additional heat.
• Programmable Pre-Infusion – Allows the operator complete control over the initial soaking of the grounds independently from
Pulse Brewing feature.
• Programmable Energy Saving Feature – Allows the brewer to go into energy conservation mode after three hours of inactivity.
• Improved Operator Feedback – Real-time feedback provides operator with: 1) a brew cycle countdown timer; instant knowledge
of when the spray-over will finish. 2) a scrolling dripping message indicating that the brew basket is draining. 3) a scrolling done
message indicating that the brew cycle is completely done.
• Programmable Drip Time – Allows operator to control the length of time the brew basket will remain locked after the spray
over is completed.
• The following brew variables are programmable through the front display: Water temperature, brew volume, pulse brewing
sequence, bypass percentage, low temp/no brew.
• Precise Brew Temperature – The brewer will hold the brew temperature to +/- 1°F during the complete brew cycle.
• 3 Brew Volumes – From ½ gallon (1.9L) to 1½ gallons (5.7L). Each volume can be set by ‘teach’ mode to eliminate trial-&-error set-up.
• Programming Lockout – The brewer settings can be “locked” to prevent tampering.





Accu-Steam Griddle

- Available in 48”, 36”, or 24” width. 24” or 29” depth.
- Available in natural gas, propane, or electric models
- Griddle is heated by self contained steam chamber
- Griddle surface has even temperatures of +-3 degrees F
- Surface has near instant heat recovery, regardless of load
- Stainless steel surface never cracks, warps, or breaks
- Extremely easy to clean and polish if desired
- Low radiant heat makes kitchen more comfortable
- Extremely low operating costs
- Single solid state thermostat
- Energy Star listed models available




Find the answer to your refrigeration needs here. Master-Bilt’s full line of equipment includes merchandisers,
cabinets, walk-ins, refrigeration systems and award-winning electronic controller options.

Visit :

Arctic Air


One Door - Model APP48R
Arctic Air’s food prep units are designed to bring you real, commercial foodservice grade performance at a truly incredible value.
All Arctic Air products are tested to NSF Standard 7 levels and must pass numerous quality control inspections throughout
manufacturing process. In addition, all products are operated and monitored for a minimum of 13 hours prior to packaging and shipping.

Our food prep models are beautifully designed in smooth stainless steel for a look that you would be proud to put in any commercial
application. More importantly, our products have many features that are desired in today’s commercial foodservice market. Features
include high output fan motors, electronic thermostat with external digital display, bottom mounted compressor, and front accessible,
bottom mounted condensing unit mounted on slide out rack for easy maintenance/cleaning.



EMU Mia Collection



Proof/Hot Cabinets

Versatile cabinets designed to proof quantities of uniformly raised dough or for holding prepared foods at serving temperatures.



Apogee™ Single Drop-In Induction Cooktop

The state of the art CookTek® Apogee™ MCDxx00G series single drop-in induction cooktop is part of our flagship line
of commercial induction cooktops. These CookTek® induction cooktops offer enhancements such as finer resolution
control via 0-100 power settings, greater number of temperature settings, intuitive touch sensitive control panel, digital timer
(with alarm only or auto-power off functionality), and keypad lockout to temporarily prevent others from changing cook settings.

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APW Wyott


APW Wyott enhances front and back of the house cooking, warming
and dispensing with a complete line of restaurant equipment solutions. 
From awesome ovens to great griddles, along with food wells, holding
drawers and everything in between, you’ll find exactly what you need
at terrific prices.