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Heated cabinets designed to hold hot, prepared food items at safe, proper serving temperatures.
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Cooper Atkins


HAACP Manager
Cooper-Atkins newest innovation in thermocouple technology is the HACCP Manager™.

The 37100 is a handheld data-collecting instrument designed to simplify the recording of
product temperatures and monitoring of corrective actions in foodservice environments.
The HACCP Manager includes a state-of-the-art database system designed for reporting,
analyzing and storing temperatures and allows data to be transferred between the
thermocouple instrument and PC.



The CookTek® Incogneeto™ induction buffet warmer is designed to be mounted
directly under stone or engineered stone counter tops.
Like magic, a beautiful piece of stone topped furniture can transform into a buffet warmer,
capable of holding food accurately to within +/-2°F (+/-1.2°C).
The unit mounts in a square ring (supplied) underneath the counter. The ring is screwed
into plywood, or narrow plywood strips, which are glued onto the stone, or stone’s backing.
No drilling or cutting of the stone is required.



Air Curtains

Architectural Air Entrance System

Re-circulating Air Curtains

Retailers and museums hide these in their primary entrances to conserve energy
and assist with climate control when the flow of foot traffic means that the door never closes

Bakers Pride


Double Stacked Gas Fired Old World Brick Ovens   Il Forno

The II Forno Classico is available in three sizes to meet your space and production requirements
and may be stacked on our standard deck ovens for increased production
in limited Spaces- FC-516 on our D-125 or DS-805, FC- 616 on our Y-600,
And FC-816 on our Y-800. The FC-616 and FC-816 now feature A new 32” extra-wide opening
for ease of access to the Bake/cooking chamber. The stainless II Forno is designed To be used
as is and need not be bricked in. 38” (956mm) Legs with casters provided. 120v or 240v electrical connection
All Gas types available.



Arctic Air


One Door - Model AST28R

Our food prep models are beautifully designed in smooth stainless steel for a look that
you would be proud to put in any commercial application. More importantly, our products
have many features that are desired in today’s commercial foodservice market.
Features include high output fan motors, electronic thermostat with external digital display,
bottom mounted compressor, and front accessible, bottom mounted condensing unit mounted
on slide out rack for easy maintenance/cleaning.

APW Wyott


AT Express Radiant Conveyor Toasters

The AT Express small footprint toaster is standard with front loading, variable speed control,
superfeeder, and 1 1/2” high product opening. 10” wide conveyor belt.
Produces over 300 slices per hour.

Advance Tabco



Standard, custom…. your choice!



Evolution Boilerless Steamer
6-pan capacity, double stacked for 12-pan capacity• Available connected or connectionless
•No water quality exclusions in warranty•No water filtration or treatment required
•SVT™ provides convection with no moving parts •Doubles as a holding cabinet with temperature control
•Reliable, easy to operate digital controls •Cook times comparable to that of boilerbased steamers
•Lowers your operating and maintenance costs •Power Plate™ provides flexibility between speed & efficiency
•Available in gas or electric •ENERGY STAR® Qualified